Friday, October 8, 2010

WWMD / JFDI Wristbands

Firstly I apoligise to everyone for not updating my blog over the past 8 days, my life has been turned a little upside down with a family drama. I can say that throughtout it my 12WBT system has been working well, my friend, the scales was good to me on Wednesday and I have only 8kg to my goal weight. I am really starting to believe that I can reach goal by the end of Round 3 & fit into a SMOKIN' HOT Bikini for christmas.

If you are a regular 12WBT forum reader you may remember I sent out a call for people who were interested in purchasing WWBT (What Would Mish Do) or JFDI wristbands about a month ago. It has taken a little while but some samples arrived today & I LOVE THEM!
Link to Forums for more information I wanted to attach the "official" order form to the blog, but it looks like blogger wont allow me to attach an excel file.
If you would like to order a WWMD /JFDI wristband, please contact me via the forum link above or via twitter (I don't want to post my email here in case someone gets nasty & spams me!)

The wristbands are available in Pink, Blue, Purple, Red & Black, and sizes will fit from 150mm wrists - 202mm wrists. You can have either WWMD or JFDI on your band.
The cost $3.50 each, plus $3 for postage (per order!)

Let me know if you are interested

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  1. I know its now 2011 but I would love a jfdi red band. Still have any? Lisa