Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Update on my goals…..

I set these goals WAY back in the preseason tasks & then I stretched them 4 days into the 12WBT to make them a little more challenging.  Here they are again- with an indication of how I went (in red!)

1 month goal
  • Increase fitness until I can run for 20 minutes without stopping (I can currently run for 8 minutes at 8km/hr, 3-5% incline on treadmill) DONE
  • To run outside at least once per week. –New goal – Once a week do a bike ride immediately followed by a run - biathlon style DONE
  • Lose 4kgs (that’s 500g per week & will bring me into the 70’s) DONE
  • Do 20 push ups on knees (I can only do 10 now) – Fitness test proved I can actually do 28 so new goal – 40 DONE
  • NEW Goal – To bring 1km time trial result down by 39s to under 6 minutes My week 4 time trial was 6.10, but I am sure it will be better next week
  • To hold a proper plank position for 1 minute – I did this at the gym on Wednesday so new goal – 2 minutes I can do 1.30 without losing form, but I am still struggling with 2 mins
  • To make eating healthy a NORMAL activity, every meal. DONE
 3 month goals
  • Lose an additional 8 kgs (on top of the 3 I will lose in the first month). This will bring me into the 60’s – for the first time in 3 years since I stopped training. I have lost 6.7kgs to date – so still have 6.8kgs to go to get to goal weight
  • Increase fitness until I can run 5kms in 30 mins. I can now run for 30minutes (which is an achievement in itself!) now I have to work on speed
  • Run the Blue Lake Fun Run on the 21st of November – 6km of hills Registered & waiting to run
  • Do 50 push ups on knees, and 10 on toes I did this last week – Happy Days!
  • To hold a proper plank position for 2 minutes. – moved up to 1 month goals, so new 3 month goal will be to hold a  side plank for 1 minute (each side) This is a work in progress!
  • To purchase a bikini that makes me look smoken’ hot!
I haven’t changed my 3 month goals, they are a work in progress and I have 5 weeks to complete them.

Triathlon Goals
I have mentioned in my earlier blog that I have raced in 2 triathlons in the past 3 weeks – the Pinkies triathlon in Sydney on the 31st of October, and last Sunday at the Gatti Series in Adelaide.
A new goal which I am putting out there today is that I want to reduce the time it takes me to complete the “Tin-Man” triathlons in the Gatti Series (300m swim, 16.8k ride, 3k run).
My finishing time on the weekend was 1hour 20minutes 43seconds.  I had set myself 1hour 30mins to finish the course, so I was ecstatic to come in well under that personal target – however now the challenge begins!
The goals for the next 5 races are:
5th December – 1hr 15mins
9th January – 1hr 10mins
26th January – 1hr 15mins (there is a longer swim & run leg on this day)
20th February – 1hr 5mins
27th March – under 1 hour


  1. wow you have worked really hard and you are an inspiration!!

  2. You are a champion Sar! You have set your goals & stuck to them, even made them harder and still achieved them!

    You will get to your goal weight I have no doubt at all!