Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week 7 of the 12WBT

I must be the worlds worst blogger… I have to admit that when life starts to get busy I am not the best at managing & balancing my time – something always has to give… and this time the blog was abandoned for most of October!

I am extremely pleased with my progress over the past 7 weeks doing the 12WBT program, I have lost 6.7kgs, 8.1% of my body weight. My BMI has dropped from 27.55 (overweight) to 25.3 (ALMOST healthy) I am sure that next Wednesday I will see a BMI of under 25 (healthy) I still have 6.8kgs to loose before I am at my goal weight of 68kgs but it is achievable & I will get there by Christmas.

I last did measurements 3 weeks ago – I will do them again next week. For now I can report that I have lost 9cms from my waist, and 8cms from my boobs. At that stage my hips & thighs had not moved at all, but I am hopefully that they will have shrunk a little this time around.
I graphed my weight loss today (I know it is a little geeky – but I wanted to see where I have come & where I am going!)

Ange (BellaXThree) has described the 12WBT as an epidemic which is spreading like a rampant virus around the country with outbreaks in little pockets around the world Check out her blog here This is SO accurate – I know that the physical results I am seeing in myself are reflected in my husband. He has lost almost 5 kgs over the 7 weeks – and that is without exercising, and without strict conformation to Mish’s diets too.
My mother has watched a few of Mish’s videos with me, and she even attended the “Pain in the Domain” session with me a month ago when I was in Sydney. Mum is very healthy and keeps a good track of her weight & fitness, but is super impressed by the program.
If you want to lose weight, tone up, or generally improve your health & wellbeing I can not stress enough the benefits of this program (click here to pre-register for Round 4 – starting January 2011) (click here to pre-register for Round 4 – starting January 2011)

You see 12WBT is not just about losing weight, or eating healthy – 12WBT is about changing your attitude towards life. Since commencing 7 weeks ago I have entered (and completed!) 2 triathlons, I now exercise 4-6 times per week and I have just registered myself & my husband for the Blue Lake Fun Run in 2 weeks time. This fun run is 6.8km of hills – around the Mount Gambier’s Blue Lake.
This run is particularly important to me – it is the run which kicked of my weight loss journey 4 months ago…. You see I drive a long way to work each day, and radio reception around here is dodgey, so I listen to ABC radio. On the morning show on the 16th of July they announced that the Blue Lake Fun Run would be running on the 21st of November (I know the exact date, because I made a note in my phone on that day) I thought, 3kms around the lake – I can do that!
I started the C25K program the next week – I taught myself how to run again, at the same time I was on facebook & saw the add for Michelle Bridges 12WBT, I clicked like & started to see the wonderful results people were having from Round 2… I was hooked!

If I hadn’t heard the presenter mentioning the Mt Gambier fun run, then I wouldn’t have gone onto Facebook to look at C25K & I wouldn’t have seen the add for 12WBT & I wouldn’t have lost 6.7kgs & I wouldn’t be fit & healthy & living life to the fullest!


  1. I'd been a slacko blogger too, must be all that 'living life' we are doing! Definite serendipity, seeing that ad on Facebook. I mulled over it for ages, but I'm so glad I signed up too! And thanks for keeping on inspiring me via Twitter too!

  2. I noticed you need to update that bikini goal... teeny tiny blue bikini???
    You're so inspiring Sara - you're smashing your goals and so supportive of everyone else at the same time. Thanks for your blog & tweets xxx