Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 1 of 12WBT Round 3 - THE CHALLENGE BEGINS!

Well day 1 of round 3 went by with a BANG! Nutrition was perfect; I didn’t feel the need to have any snacks (apart from my 2 skinny lattes, no sugar in the morning)
I ate my lunch wrap in the car whilst I was travelling to a clients sale, and it was a good thing I did, because on the way to the sale I got BOGGED “EEK”. I was trying to cut down a back track, and before I knew it I had gone too far to turn around, and I was stuck….. what followed was slightly amusing (well for me anyway)

I tried calling the nearby farmers, however none of them were answering, so off I walked. I only put Runkeeper on after I had walked halfway – so from halfway to when I was able to flag down a bloke in a tractor I walked 1.8kms. The bloke who helped me was really good… he drove me back to the car & pulled me out, only minor damage to the car (and minor damage to my ego!)

Needless to say I was running rather late by then, so missed my clients sale! That reminds me I have to call him to apologise! (adds to my to-do list)

Last night I went for a run on the treadmill, Hubby was ultra cute, he knows that I love watching trashy TV whilst I am in pain, but he hates the E Network. He put the TV onto “Kendra” and left me to my running…. Get Running App Week 6 Day 1 done! Just over 4kms in 32mins. I was ultra happy with that, approximate cals burned was 300 (my HRM has a flat battery – another thing onto the to-do list)

I then thought I should tackle my fitness test… well this was a laugh too, hubby decided to come at do it with me, so needless to say it got a little competitive!

D (Hubby)
Part 2 – The Push Up Test
28 (Intermediate)
40 (Advanced)
Part 3 – Abdominal Strength
Level 3 (Intermediate)
Level 3 (Intermediate)
Part 4 – Wall Sit
2.07mins (Advanced)
1.01mins (Intermediate)
Part 5 – Sit & Reach
+13 (Advanced)
+15 (Advanced

So we were even-stevens going into the …..

FINAL CHALLENGE….. the 1km Time Trial

we decided for the benefit of fairness (after all I had already ran 4km that night) that we would pause the challenge until the morning….

The sun rose at 5.30 this morning, and in the fog, drizzle & mist D (Hubby) & I set off on our 1km walk to warm up – the theory being that we would walk to the 1km point, and then turn and run back (the run being our time trial).
Which we did….. unfortunately for me sprinting is D’s strong point (put him over 4kms though and he is stuffed!) I was happy with my result, I had to walk some parts (due to running 3days in a row, and my shin splits starting to scream at me) but on the whole it was a good morning.

D (Hubby)
Part 1 – 1km time trial
6.39min (Intermediate)
5.09mins (Advanced)

That brings to final tally to
Sara – Intermediate level, D (Hubby) – Advanced level.

Now the challenge begins – we have to work hard so we improve in 4 weeks time!


  1. They are great results to start with - you are both so fit!

    Have a great week and good luck with the weigh in.

  2. Thanks Margaret, D & I have a long way to go until I would say we are fit, we are both fairly active in our jobs, so any fitness is incedential not worked on (we were both rapt in our results!).
    We both have 10-15kgs to lose to be healthy & bring us into a healthy BMI..
    I am SO proud that D is taking this journey with me.
    Thanks for commenting, it is great to discover "somebody is out there"