Friday, September 10, 2010

Pre-Season Task 5 - SHOUT IT OUT LOUD!!

When I signed up for 12WBT Mish Bridges said that there would be a number of "Pre-Season" tasks for us to complete - I thought yeah ok.... I will have a look they will be easy and whats the point anyway -the real challenge will start on the 20th of September.
Well I have to admit I have found the tasks a little more confronting than I was expecting.
Task 1 was easy - Introduce yourself to the forums... I wrote something similar to the first post of this blog for that one.
Task 2 a little harder - Get Real - No More Excuses.. this was a little difficult, I realised that my biggest excuse was my self and my laziness. I decided to take control of that and put in place positive self messages - so that instead of running on the treadmill thinking my butt is wobbling or my belly is wobbling think of how good I will feel after the run. This is working already!
Task 3 again an easy one - Goal Setting.... I jumped right in and wrote goals such as I will run for 20 minutes in the first month, and then I will have lost 5kgs at the end of the 12 weeks..... I won't go into too much detail with these here, but needless to say they were fairly low end goals.
Task 4 Gear Up - Easy again.... I have a treadmill at home, and some exercise DVD's already I will aim to go to the gym when I can, but with a 80km drive there it could be hard (I will aim to go at least once a week after work, but I wont stress if I cant make it there)
Task 5 SAY IT OUT LOUD.... this was by FAR the hardest so far.... It took me a LONG time to get my head around what I wanted to say to my friends family & the universe, I found the exercise so empowering and although it took me a few days – I went back and revisited my goals from task 3. After looking at them again and again, I think I have short changed myself. I think that I was so scared of not achieving the goal, that I have set them WAY too low… with this in mind I am upping the anti – I have taken my task 3 goals and injected them with steroids. I am ready to turn them from personal goals to commitments.


 I am committing to myself, my friends, my 12WBT team mates and to the universe that in order to reach my goals I will do the following:
  • To cook healthy, clean meals for EVERY meal (not just dinner like now) 
  • To reduce the amount of alcohol I drink, having at LEAST 2 alcohol free days per week.
  • To work out 6 days per week, either inside, outside or at the gym – WHERE EVER I AM!
  • To push myself each & every exercise session by “just a little bit more” be it 1 more push up, 1 more crunch or what ever it takes so that I can record a PB every time.
  • To not take things too seriously, to respect others opinions, and not to get upset when people ask questions of me (like – why are you eating carrots, or why wont you drink …..are you pregnant ?)
  • To keep a journal online, keeping myself accountable..

 To everyone who reads this, especially my 12WBT family I will need your help and support. I hope I can rely on you all to kick me in the bum if I slacken off, and to give me the time I need each day for myself to reach my goals.
1 month goal
  • Increase fitness until I can run for 20 minutes without stopping (I can currently run for 8 minutes at 8km/hr, 3-5% incline on treadmill)
  • To run outside at least once per week.
  • Lose 4kgs (that’s 500g per week & will bring me into the 70’s)
  • Do 20 push ups on knees (I can only do 10 now)
  • To hold a proper plank position for 1 minute
  • To make eating healthy a NORMAL activity, every meal.

 3 month goals
  • Lose an additional 8 kgs (on top of the 3 I will lose in the first month). This will bring me into the 60’s – for the first time in 3 years since I stopped training.
  • Increase fitness until I can run 5kms in 30 mins.
  • Run the Blue Lake Fun Run on the 21st of November – 6km of hills
  • Do 50 push ups on knees, and 10 on toes
  • To hold a proper plank position for 2 minutes.
  • To purchase a bikini that makes me look smoken’ hot!
So there it all is, the round 2 peoples are currently in Sydney partying it up with Mish Bridges at the end of Round 2 party... that will be my reward in December, and I will go knowing that I have done my best and attacked this challenge 100% full on!

I will develop an attitude that will let setbacks move me forward, that will turn my weaknesses into strengths and mistakes into wisdom for the future!



  1. excited that already you have realised that you were preparing yourself for under achieving!!! I agree setting the goals was by far the hardest, because once it is in is put up or shut up!!

    You are doing a great job with your Preseason tasks. I will start mine on Monday...been trying to stay focused on R2 till the last gasp!!You have inspired me to aim high!!!

  2. Sar-Wah I love you already! You will be a huge success I just know it.

  3. Thanks Lynda & Kat!! I am starting to get into this blogging thing.......... I don't think I will ever be a daily blogger, just when I have something to say!
    Thanks for listening/reading though, it makes it so much more fun knowing there is "Someone out there"