Thursday, September 9, 2010

So I have jumped on board the 12WBT train

I have been thinking of starting a new journal for the past few weeks (ever since I signed up for Round 3 of Mish Bridges 12 week body transformation -
This is the first chance I have had to actually get set up and start typing.
I hope that I will keep this journal to keep myself accountable, I may use it to duplicate what I have written on twitter, or on the 12WBT forums, so I apologise in advance if you read the same thing in different places, this will be my way of keeping track of it all.
A little about me:
I am Sara - I live in country SA I work for a major corporation in a rural town. My work hours are long, and I often don't get home until after normal dinner times. My reason for joining 12WBT is I am looking to loose about 10kgs to bring me down to 70kgs and back in my target BMI. I hope to gain energy, and a thirst for life from the journey.

About 3 years ago I was training for my first body building comp - Figure division - I weighed 60kgs & was full of muscle, however 2 weeks from show time I hurt my calf muscle and so was told to REST! This ruined me - I lost motivation, and the kgs started packing back on. My now husband, was kinda happy that I had hurt myself as this meant that my focus changed from 100% on me - back to the loving person I was before competition prep.

My goal to loose weight is an important one - however I need to learn to do this whilst maintaining balance, my relationship & my work…... I want it all!!
I look forward to meeting other people through this blog, 12WBT and Twitter, and also in about 13 weeks time at the Round 3 training session & party!!

The thought of all those hot smokin' guys & gals at the wrap party excites me!!


find me on twitter - @Sar_Wah

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