Sunday, September 19, 2010

The eve of the 12WBT

Hi all, me again (who else were you expecting... the blog is ALL about the WAH!)
I thought that considering it is the eve of the start of the 12WBT I should make a few notes about the past few days & the next 90 days!
Hubby & I went to Adelaide on Thursday night for the Powderfinger concert, it was BRILLIANT! Jet did a great job as the support act, and the Powderfinger boys did a superb job!
On Friday we went for a big walk around the city Rundall Mall for shopping, caught up with a girlfriend for lunch, and then walked to buy my birthday present. I had the choice of a bike, new snorkel, fins etc, or a string of pearls.... I have to admit it was not an easy choice, the bike & pearls were hard to divide! But in the end Mish Bridges and the WWMD mentality kicked in, and I decided on a new Bike. (It will come in handy for my upcoming triathlons’ (yes there is a “s” at the end of the word Triathlon... but that is another story!))
So we went to JT Cycles in Adelaide and brought a hybrid Mountain/Road bike, it is silver, so I brought a matching white/silver helmet. We then went to the Central Market and stocked up big time on fresh fruit & veggies per the week 1 shopping list, this was followed by the 3hour drive home!
As soon as we got home, hubby had to bring some lambs into the yards to be sent to Coles first thing Sunday morning, so he was gone & I decided to test ride the new bike........ I have to admit; that it HURT, and for the first 4km I wondered what I had gotten myself into, but after the first 4km I thought well this is actually ok... so I continued for another 8. I did 12.37kms yesterday.
When I got back from my ride I saw that Hubby had his bike in the drive, he was working on it, new oil, patching a puncture etc... He then suggested that we do a Biathlon on Sunday, just the Bike & Run part of my upcoming triathlon!
So today (after a bit of home chores & coffee with a friend), we together set off on a 6km bike ride & 2km run... I had SO much fun.. I kicked Dunc’s butt on the bike leg & then shuffled to finish not far behind him in the run leg (we started together on both legs). The total exercise was about 36minutes, and this was 23mins to ride 7.82km, and then 13.23 mins to run 2km.
So friends that was the past few days for me.... new post coming .... it will be the COLD HARD NUMBERS......

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  1. Woohoo go the new bike thats got to be exciting =D cant wait to hear about how the triathlon training goes