Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mini Milestones.... LOCK IT IN MISH!!

I decided to attack Pre-Season Task 7 head on, so I listened to Mish, I looked at my online diary (work related mainly) and I honestly thought, well no need to write it down, which has time for an extra diary anyway, and really writing down shopping trips CRAZY!

So I didn't do anything. I didn't get it..... and I really didn't care. CRAZY CRAZY THINKING FROM THE WAH!

Then I jumped onto the forums....... and started reading about the mini-milestones, and major milestones that people were planning... I thought WHAT, what are all these people doing? I then realised that I needed to go back and listen to Mish again!

This time is sunk in! I got it! I understand where she is coming from and why.

I still haven't had a chance to actually write out a diary (but I will!) but I have started to consider my mini & major milestones.... I have offered to help a new 12WBT friend with her milestone but I wanted my own too!

On twitter this morning another new 12WBT friend @patricia250862 made mention that she was doing a triathlon leading me to think, well maybe I can do that...but every triathlon I have seen is HUGE!
So I started to do some googling (as one does in these situations!) and I found the Pinkies Triathlon in Sydney on the 16th of October, the distances are very achievable..100m swim, 6.5km bike & 1km run... SO I emailed Mum and asked if she would be keen to do it with me...
She quickly replied that she is already registered to do it - but she is doing the 300m swim, 9km bike & 3km run option......

Well that now leaves no choice I HAVE to do it for my mini milestone!


I think I will stick to my little Mini Triathlon to begin with (I do have 4 weeks to change my mind & upgrade though) as it will be my first triathlon and I have a minor hurdle to overcome.....


The last time I swam laps was 5 or more years ago. I am confident that I could survive 100m and have enough energy to jump on a bike & then run... but swimming EEK! (BTW I LOVE swimming, I used to be on swim squad etc when I was a kid... but seriously... a triathlon with ZERO swim training before hand!

Oh well I guess I will have to ask myself WWMB (What Would Mish Do!?!) I think Mish would just suck it up and JFDI!

So that is EXACTLY what I am going to do!


p.s Week 1 programs, meals & shopping lists are out tomorrow..... I am SOOOO EXCITED!

p.p.s Tomorrow is another Running day! 4km outside in the morning sunshine, this is one might be a little more challenging, as it is the first run of the Active Community Team Challenge that I am doing... but once I convince myself that everyone will NOT be looking at my wobbling tummy, or red face, or big bum I will be fine!


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